Making a Difference with Aquaponics 


 food transportation miles by growing locally


our wild fish populations by raising healthy fish in a controlled farm


water. Aquaponics uses a tenth of the water compared to soil-based agriculture


people and communities who lack access to healthy affordable food

Our Mission

Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc is a start-up grower and distributor of fresh fish products and high-value fresh produce, to restaurants, hotels, and individual consumers. We are located in Burlington, ND and will begin by selling to the surrounding community of Minot ND and the tri county area.

Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will operate an Aquaponics system, which is the process of growing fish and plants in one integrated system. Both the fish and plants work together in providing essential nutrition for an efficient recirculating system. In no way does the system harm the environment.

Thank You to Our Partners